How to manifest abundance like a King/Queen...a conversation with Carlo The KingMaker and

Samia Bano

SAMIA: Hello, Salam, Shalom, Namaste, Aloha, Sat Sri Akal, Holah and Bonjour! I'm so excited today. I have Carlo The King Maker as my guest. How exciting is that! Carlo, will you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit more about who you are and what you do?


CARLO: Yeah for sure! First of all thank you so much Samia, I appreciate the opportunity. Super excited to be here talking about some of the stuff that I absolutely love and I know people find incredible value. Again my name is Carlo, I'm the KingMaker... currently living in Melbourne, Australia. I'm a KingMaker to business owners, coaches, and elite athletes from all over the world. And my job is to... is to really help those who are already great at what they do to be even greater. And as the title says “The KingMaker” is really helping those people to become the "Kings and Queens" of their own life, to live life on their terms and succeed in whatever they do... So it can be money, it can be performance, it can be mental performance, it can be relationships -- whatever they need in order to be really the masters of every part of their life, every part of themselves... from their mind, their body, their spirit, and then to have complete control over every part of their life.


SAMIA:That is amazing! How in the world did you become the KingMaker?


CARLO: Yeah, it's actually interesting! So I've been coaching for over 12 years now, worked with thousands of people from kids to teenagers to elite athletes to really high-end business people... Have such a huge variety of experiences with humans of all walks... And I realized that I was actually trying to find a name for what I do. So you know, I was talking to my wife and I said, we need to find a name for this and we're just kind of thinking and thinking. And then I went... I was having lunch with a friend of mine and he mentioned how in politics actually there is... you know we have presidents, leaders, prime ministers, and all that kind of stuff.



And he was saying to me that, "Carlo, the prime minister or the president isn't really the one that runs the show, right, or isn't the one really in control. He has a KingMaker that helps them to really make the right decision to, you know, in military terms, you know, cover your basics, and make sure that they, you know, that they cover the basics and then they make the best decisions as possible, so they can be as successful as they can be". And I thought, "What did you say? KingMaker? I like that!"... right, and it just, it just kind of evolved like crazy. And it's made it into very much an identity, very much a way of life, you know, in terms of how I live my life, how I show up for all my clients and what I do professionally for them.


SAMIA: Awesome! I love it, I love it! You know I’m very much of the belief that if you're really going to achieve success you can't do it on your own. You need a team behind you, you need mentors and guides behind you and around you, and this is... yeah, so I really appreciate what you're doing, the role that you play in other people's lives as The KingMaker. That's awesome!


CARLO: Thank you.


SAMIA: Yeah, you know, I was wondering, I'm all about making change fun and easy... can you share with us a key to help people make it more fun and easy for them to become Kings and Queens of their life?


CARLO: Yeah, for sure! I guess... I guess a big part of my approach to everything that we do, and it's a very much an inside out kind of job. Success is really an inside out job. Because whether we're coaches, whether we're elite athletes, whether we're, you know, in any kind of walks of life, parent’s, right... Success externally, it really comes from within us. And a lot of... I work with a lot of coaches around me obviously making money, a lot of business coaches making money, and they just give you more and more strategies on how to do certain stuff. And people often don't need more strategies, they have the strategies for success. So what is real... the real kicker?


What is really the... what is it that you're gonna make change right? Because a lot of people try and try and add more strategies, "Oh, maybe I need to read that book, or maybe I need to do this this and this". And there's so much noise out there that they go and change their strategies. But that's really not the point because they never really change within themselves, right. You're a happiness coach. You know the power of obviously high vibration and in being in, you know, good vibes only kind of stuff, right. What really that means is that it's happening to the fundamentals. That really in this world, there are two worlds right... There is the physical world around us, and there is the internal world, the metaphysical world, right. And we can talk about it, you know spirituality, not just I think... a lot of people get caught up and trip themselves up with there has to be a religious spirituality. But it's really two different things, right. What we think, talk about in terms of spirituality, it means we're really talking about the metaphysical aspect of the universe that we live in, right. Because, and people ask me all the time, and say, "I don't believe that there is a metaphysical world". I’m like okay, that's okay, like totally. And then I sort of given the analogy to say this, okay, so if you... a brain surgeon right, you go see a brain surgeon who does a brain surgery right.


He cuts you open, he finds your brain, he finds blood, finds all that kind of stuff right which is the physical world right... but then is he going to be able to find your thoughts? Is he going to be able to find your mind? Is he going to be able to find your feelings? And then they’re like, "No!" Like he’s just not going to be able to do that, right. So do we have those things? "Yeah I have thoughts all the time, I have feelings all the time."...So where are they? Where do they come from? That is all in the metaphysical space, in the metaphysical world, right. So probably this is, I don't know, if you'll ever hear another business coach or a mental performance coach for athletes, ever talk about these kind of things. But if we really want to achieve incredible success and we want to change our life, we need to really, at the very least, have all the information that we need, or that is out there, in order for us to make the most informed decision, right.


SAMIA: Yeah.


CARLO: And so... and so once we tap into the metaphysical world, once we tap into our internal world, the physical is really just what we call the manifestation of it.


SAMIA: Yeah.


CARLO: Manifestation is you know it's a "Kumbaya", it's just airy fairy kind of up in the air stuff. And I said, yeah totally, because those people don't quite realize yeah, that they've been manifesting the whole time. They've been creating their reality the whole time. And I'm one of those people that would prefer to predict the future by creating it, so that I can have a sense of control that doesn't come from stress, or from anxiety, from lack and scarcity and fear. But rather, you know, predicts the future and creates it out of abundance, out of power, right. Not that power is over anyone else, just over my own life, right. And then when we look in a business point of view, you know... creating new clients, creating money, creating abundance, creating actually, you know, the kind of business that is going to light you up. Your performance if you're an athlete, you know, creating the performance and the contract that you want, the trophy that you want, that kind of stuff, because it is possible. And so once we really understand the connection between the internal world and the external world then life really changes and it gets really, really good.


SAMIA: Yeah! You know I am 100% with you on that. I...you know recently we had the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. And I know you work with elite athletes. And you know if you look at the elite athletes, whether they're Olympians or not, the... let's say the people who run the 100 meter race, there is like literally micro seconds that separate their times in terms of how effective and efficient they actually are. And when you think about then what is the real difference between who wins and who doesn't, and who's able to win more consistently? It's not about their physical fitness, because they are all basically at the same level of physical fitness.


CARLO: Very true.


SAMIA: But the thing that really makes the difference is the mental attitude. And we have seen in this very Olympics also with some of the most elite athletes how true that is. Like we had the case with Simone Biles for example... I mean, who is better than her right now in the world, or maybe even in history, in women's gymnastics? And yet it was a mental attitude, a mental issue, that made her unable to perform as she physically actually can. So for me this is like absolute proof of the fact that our mental attitude is actually the foundation, and it has to be the starting point for how we achieve success in our lives.


CARLO: Correct! Yeah 100%! And I mean that was... that was such a interesting case, at least from my point of view with Simone Biles. And obviously massive credit to her for living true to her beliefs, and to her values. It kind of, as a mental performance coach, it kind of makes me wonder what... obviously what her regime is around mental health to help her cope with those things, and all of that. And I can just assume that it was obviously such a stressful moment for her. And she did the absolute best thing for her. So, it's so interesting, and you're absolutely correct. It's what once but... in sport and in business and life it is the same, right.




CARLO: It's very much the same thing. So you look at these people that get to the very, very top of the game... to them being greatness, to them being mediocre, or being just one of the many, right... There's a difference between a Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Michael Phelps, you know, Roger Federer, Nadal, all those kind of people, right, Messi, Ronaldo... obviously they applied themselves with a whole new different identity, right. Because we have a need to be consistent with who we believe we are. So they already believe themselves to be the greatest. Like for example, Muhammad Ali, he said for years... he was probably 15 when he would have started saying, "I'm the greatest'". And his mom I'm sure would have been like "Ah don't lie”, right.. “No, you're not, you're not". “No, Mom, I'm the greatest, I'm the greatest that has ever been”, right... But he... that was his identity. So first of all the identity that they adopt, “I’m this”, that then allows their actions to go. But also then the mental aspect is really that two or three percent difference that really makes you stand out from the millions of people to really just be one of the greats. And obviously there’s time, and all those kinds of things. But if you look at the business world, coaches as well, I'm like, guys there's so much noise out there! So many people doing the same things, right… and not just in the coaching industry. You can be in any industry, there's someone who has already done what you do, right. So you're not unique. So what is it going to make you stand out, right? How do you use your mind, your identity, really tapping into everything that there is, to give you like the best opportunities for you to succeed?


SAMIA: Yeah, yeah! I agree with you. Let me ask you another question, how important is having fun in your ability to have the right mindset, the optimal mindset, the ability to create abundance and success in your life?


CARLO: Oh, it's, you know what? I think it's so underrated. I think, I genuinely believe, that fun is one of the most underrated gifts that... and things that we can do in our journey to success. And I'll explain it. Because you have so many people that have been programmed... in my work, I do a lot of work around subconscious programming or re-programing, right... but, and what we mean by subconscious programming, we really mean like how we've conditioned our brain, and our habitual thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, all that kind of stuff. Now, in the pursuit, we've been raised, that in order to be successful you need to sacrifice, it's going to be hard, it's going to be this and that, it's just so stressful, anxious, difficult... And maybe if you just grind for your whole life you might be able to just get a little slice of wealth, right. Now, the hard work that, when we're not having fun and it's difficult, it's painful really, if we just look at hey, fun is on this side, what's the opposite?" It's just, it's not fun, it's difficult, it's painful, it's... it just, it sucks right. Now that comes from a place of lack and scarcity and fear and insecurity. Because if you were having... if you were doing the same thing, but you were having lots of fun, right, all of a sudden from an energy point of view - we’re talking about energy right now, a fun energy is an abundant energy, right. Because when you're having fun you're in love, you're in love with what you're doing, you're in love with your life, you're in love with yourself, you're in love with your family, your clients, and all that kind of stuff right.


Now, if people want to make change and say they want to make more money... Now money is an abundance, right. But they're trying to get to money from like, I just got, I've got to do this, I've got to do this, I'm going to do this, this happened to me, I've got to do this, I can't have fun, no, no, I just got to be stressed". They're trying to get abundance by living in scarcity, by living in lack, by living in fear. Now if you can bring yourself to have fun, that is a higher energy, that's a higher vibration. And because we mentioned the two worlds, the metaphysical world and the physical world, even the physical world, the walls around me, okay, that is a vibration, right... everything… we are vibrational beings in a vibrational world, okay. So our skin, the reason why it gets itchy is because it's vibrating really, really, really, fast. And we think that it's solid but really it's not, right. It's almost like when someone passes away, you put them in a coffin, you burn them away, and then you kind of take them out again 50 years later, and there's nothing there, why? Because everything has a vibration.


SAMIA: Right.


CARLO: Now your feelings... so your thoughts are the signal into the, you know, the electrical charge into the universe. Your feelings are the magnetic charge to that, right. So you have a thought, if it's an elevated thought, so a thought of greatness… You see, for example, like you think of five clients coming into your life right now, or you think of you winning whatever you want to win, right, and that makes you feel good. All of a sudden you have an elevated thought with an elevated emotion. Now the longer you hold on to it, it's going to attract to you, right. It's going to take some time. So if you can be one of the few people that holds the feeling for six to eight weeks -- in quantum physics, it takes six to eight weeks for you to manifest it, right... So if you can be patient, it will come to you. But at the same time, if we have a thought of just, “oh, I'm not good enough, I don't have enough money”, this, that...that's a lower energy, right. And that's what stress is, right. So people, business owners, are living in stressful times. "I don't have enough!" They're focusing on what they don't have, right. It's a lower energy.


And you don't have fun when you're in survival mode. Because adults, by/on average... someone did a study, said, 70% of the day we live in/by stress hormones. Now, when you're living in stress you're in survival, right. And when you're in survival you don't have fun. It's not time to have fun. It's not time to enjoy life. It's not time to think of abundance, to sit there and meditate like, "Oh my God, I'm just grateful, thank you!"... No, you don't do that, you just run, or you hide, or you fight, right. So having fun, if you can bring yourself to have fun and all that... smile, feel good, right, it's gonna attract so much more. Every time, every time you smile success comes to you, every time you smile money comes to you, every time you smile you get, you know, that which you want, right. So yeah fun is so underrated, right. And yeah, I know obviously you're massive about it and that's what you do, right, and... it's, there's a reason, there's a reason. Because when you start having fun, what happens? You... a lot of people doing manifestations like, I want money, I want to make money, I make money, I need money, I need money, I want to manifest money, right. And/but they... we don't manifest what we want, we don't attract what we need, we attract and we manifest what we are, right.


SAMIA: Yeah.


CARLO: Why being in fun, being in gratitude, being in joy is important, because that's what you attract to you.


SAMIA: That's right. And you have to cultivate consistency. Because if on the one hand you are thinking "Okay, I'm the greatest, I'm the greatest"... but there's at the same time, you, another part of you is like, "I'm not good enough, I'm not good enough, I'm lying to myself", you know, and we don't have consistency in the energy that you're releasing through these different thoughts, you're going to compromise your results. You're going to compromise your ability to manifest what you want. And so how can you be more consistent in staying more positive and high vibration?


CARLO: Just do it! See, the thing, the thing, it's simple as that, right. But let's complicate it because people just don't take simple answers, right. So let's try this. The problem with, the reason why most people don't succeed, is because they know what they need to do. We've spoken about this. So they know what they need to do, but what's going to happen? They made that change... Like if I say to someone, “smile more, hey look, you've got to smile the whole day", right... They’re like, yeah I'm smiling... and then there comes a point where it just doesn't feel good. It doesn't feel natural, it doesn't... they start negotiating with themselves. They start justifying, they start compromising, right. Now people get caught up in that as long as or soon as something doesn't feel good, it doesn't feel right, doesn't feel natural, that's when they stop, right. But that is just their program. And that is the very, very thing that has kept them small, that has kept them mediocre, and has kept them just not succeeding, right. So in the process of change, it starts with routine.


You just gotta almost force yourself to do it, right. And I know, people are like, "Oh I don't wanna force myself!" But there's got to be a point when you say, "No, this is what I want, this is what I wanna... I made a decision, made a commitment, this is what I want", right. So when you make that, you just gotta be like okay, "I’m not negotiating with myself, I'm not compromising, I'm just doing this". Now your body and your mind are going to play tricks on you, right. Because when we talk about the subconscious mind, we're really talking about our body. Your body is your subconscious mind. It's not your mind that is your subconscious mind, it's your body. Because this is where all your feelings are, right. So your body’s like, "Oh no, I don't feel like it, it doesn't feel natural, I feel like I'm just lying to myself, I feel like...", and all that kind of stuff. And so we stop right. So we don't give the routine the chance to become a habit, right. Because once it becomes a habit it's like, "Oh man, this is easy, like I enjoy it, it's good…that was easy all along! What was the big deal?"... Exactly! Because they have gone through the moment to pay their dues in order to have the success. But in that moment when you create the routine it's not going to feel good, it's just not. Because you are reprogramming yourself, you're reprogramming your mind to do something else. And most people, that's the biggest thing that they don't do. Because if they did it, oh man, their life would change. It would be incredibly... like when, if we realized that that's really the biggest wall between people being and continuously living the life they are...because then they lie to themselves like "Ah, things are going to get better... no, no, no, they'll get better, they'll get better, yeah, yeah, things will get better, just hope it will get better".


But what does Einstein say? Einstein said that, "If you keep thinking the same thoughts that you did yesterday and you think today is going to have different results, that's insanity". That's insane, that's insane! But people are happy to do that. You see it all the time, right. Why? Why are they happy to do this? Simply because it's familiar. How crazy right that your brain is happy for you to stay broke, to stay small, to stay the same, just because it's familiar. It's almost like it's saying, "Oh you know what Samia, no, no, don't do that, I mean you know, things are like this right now, and you know, I know that it sucks, I know. But, at least you know what it feels like. And at least you know, that's okay... you can, you know what, don't worry about your potential, don't actually worry about being the best coach you can be, and just don't... say, at least we know, we know what's going to come anyway, so you just put up with it again".


SAMIA: Right!


CARLO: People do it all the time, people live their life like this, it's crazy! But if you actually make the change, reprogram yourself, rewire your body in a new way... when people say you have unlimited potential, it's because it's true. But a lot of people just never get to it, which is sad.


SAMIA: It is, it is... I think, like a couple of thoughts came to my mind when you were sharing. One of them was actually a tip about mindset that I learned from my happiness coach, my happiness expert who, like I mentored/who was my mentor, and who taught me how to become a happiness coach and the expert that I am now... And she said that, look, research very clearly shows that if you set a goal for creating a new routine or whatever, and then you know like you, if you think to yourself, like you say, "Okay, I'm going to start thinking this thought of I'm the greatest, I'm the greatest”, like Muhammad Ali, so you can achieve the success that you need and want and desire in your profession. But then there's this other part of you that's saying, "No, that's a lie, that's not true, you're not the greatest yet!", so rather than being like, oh ignore that voice entirely, or trying to resist it, or fight it, if you can say, oh thank you voice, thank you for giving me the feedback, and I'm not actually lying to myself because... think about it like this, when I set an exercise, like physical fitness goal, and I say "Okay, you know what? In order to achieve this physical fitness goal I need to exercise, and you exercise, you don't think you're lying to yourself. You know you need to do the exercise in order to achieve that physical fitness goal. And it's the same thing with your mind. You have set a goal and now you're just exercising your mind. And eventually you will actually achieve that mental, emotional goal that you have set for yourself. And in the meantime you're not lying to yourself, you're literally just doing what you need to do to make the goal happen.


CARLO: Yeah! I really like that. It's a very nice way to explain. And the way that I explain it to my clients similarly to that is that... that's really just the program, right. That is just your subconscious mind trying to keep you small, right. And a lot of people try, and try to avoid it. But once you face it, even if you say, because I think we're bringing affirmations a little bit into this as well... and the reason why affirmations don't work is because if Muhammad Ali, you know, was saying, "I'm the greatest, I'm the greatest, I'm the greatest, I'm the greatest". But internally he felt, "I'm the weakest, I'm the weakest, I'm the weakest", what his body and his mind will really signal out to the universe is, "I'm the weakest, I'm the weakest, I'm the weakest". So if, for people, if people love affirmations, and they're not, just not working for them right now, try this... when you say, "I'm the greatest!", feel it. Because it's the feeling... it doesn't matter what your words are saying, it's what your body is emitting in terms of feeling. So we have to feel... you can say "I'm good". But feel like “I'm the freaking best”. That's what will go out into the universe.




S CARLO: Right.


SAMIA: So think about how you can be in integrity with what you're saying in terms of your feelings.


CARLO: Yeah, you've got it! It's all about the feeling. It's because the feeling is the magnetical charge right, the magnetic charge... it brings that thought that you have and sparks it in the universe and brings it back to you.


SAMIA: That's right.


CARLO: Right, so you have to say "I am the greatest" and actually feel it within your body because that's where the change is. Now, so many people get logical about change. People need to stop getting logical about change. Like you're a changemaker, you're a happiness coach, you know that people... like the more we stay in the logical physical world, the less change we're going to make. That's why it's got to be an emotional change.


SAMIA: Yes! Yes, it's not only that you make less change, but whatever change you do make, it's harder to make and it's not fun to make! So please, don't... if you want to make change fun and easy, don't get logical about making change.


CARLO: Correct... yeah, no, exactly. And instead of calling it change, call it upgrade. I feel like it's a lot... it's almost like the word, the difference between, you know, sacrifice and investment. I always call it investment. Words are very powerful, language is very powerful for you. So if you're saying sacrifice, it's painful, it's a loss.




CARLO: Right... but if we say investment, you're like, I'm okay to give this... Like when I invest in my coach you know I invest this money every month. But I know it's going to come back to me tenfold. And all of a sudden you're happy to go through that, of course... like I do about 300 affirmations a day. I'm like, I'm not sacrificing the time. I'm investing the time because I know it's going to come back 30-fold. That kind of stuff. So little language, little language shifts are very, very important.


SAMIA: Indeed, indeed. I'm keeping an eye on the clock with us, for us... Carlo is there anything else that you would love to share with us now before we wrap up?


CARLO: Not at all... I mean, I mean, if I can serve people, if people like obviously, you've got the Happiness Coach/Expert here, and all that kind of stuff. If you want to find out more of the kind of work that I do... more than happy to get in contact. I've got an incredible bunch of so many different resources that I can give to people if they're interested. Yeah, I'm sure that we'll put links and stuff everywhere.


SAMIA: We will, we will put your links and my links in all the chats or the comment sections under the video and the podcast that/when we post it. So please reach out to Carlo, reach out to me if you need help, and don't go it alone. You need a Kingmaker in your life.


CARLO: Yeah, absolutely!




SAMIA: Or a QueenMaker, whatever the case may be. So again thank you so much Carlo for joining me today. I just absolutely loved everything that you shared, and I look forward to continuing to learn from you. And I look forward to even having you back if you would come back and share more of your wisdom. Yay! Awesome! Okay, thank you :)


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